Tarisland is a fairly new and young project in the MMO RPG genre, which should take the place of World of Warcraft and give players the opportunity to explore a completely new world, instead of the usual Azeroth, Aden and others.

Selecting characters and methods of leveling up in Tarisland
Selecting characters and methods of leveling up in Tarisland

The project is at an early stage of development and game levels are increasing gradually and is currently level 30, which you can get yourself, relying on the quest system and grind, or follow the link – https://skycoach.gg/tarisland-boost and order boosting to the required level from the Skycoach service with financial guarantees of anonymity and account security.

Each hero will have two ways to develop, which you need to use to shape your gameplay.



You can choose the path of an attacker or a defensive warrior, each of which will contribute to grinding, PVP and raids.

The attacking warrior will be able to use massive attack skills and activate the rage skill, which will accelerate your damage for a short period of time, which is the highest physical damage in the game.

A defensive warrior will be able to use taunt skills and increased defense and health parameters to hold large groups of monsters on himself and prevent them from attacking other players, especially supports.



A hero who rides a horse and can choose the path of summoning wild animals, or a full-fledged shooter.

Summoning Animals will allow you to summon wild creatures that will listen to your commands and attack selected enemies. You will be able to strengthen and heal them with your special skills, and set various traps and other obstacles that will prevent your enemies from causing damage to your animal and the heroes themselves.

The attacking marksman will use ranged physical damage and a variety of skills that will damage, stun, and slow enemies to provide a consistent boost to Tarisland.


You can choose a magical character, as a hero with bright gameplay and strong damage, but dependence on the mana parameter, which affects the ability to generate spells.

You can choose one of two schools of magic to uniquely personalize your spells.

If you choose fire, then your skills will be saturated with the power of fire and all attacks will leave burns and reduce the enemy’s health even if you stop damaging him. This is the strongest class for PVE, but he needs support to always have mana for casting, and then he can achieve the most stable leveling in Tarisland.

If you choose ice, then your attacks will cause damage and greatly reduce the combat characteristics of the affected monsters and players. This is the most powerful class for PVP and raids because it reduces the boss’s combat potential, which will reduce his attack power and keep everyone in the group safe.


This is an enhanced warrior who emphasizes holy magic in his skills and abilities.

You will be able to choose the direction of the attack, and then you will get an attacking warrior who will supplement his attacks with light and be able to heal during the battle, but due to the lack of mass skills, it is difficult to call him a full-fledged hero for active grinding.

If you choose the direction of the defender, then you will get a full-fledged tank that relies on the power of light and has the strongest defensive parameters and the ability to replenish your health.

This is the most durable character in the game and an indispensable assistant in raids and PVP due to its offensive and defensive skills.


The most important character for the survival and resurrection of the group in critical situations is the same magician, but with an emphasis on helping players rather than harming monsters.

You can choose two paths of development – a healer, or a magician with the power of light.

If you choose a mage, you will get another option for an attacking hero, who will deal increased damage to the undead and occupy the niche of an attacking hero in the group.

This means that you will effectively fulfill your role in boosting Tarisland, but the requirements for equipment and weapons for you will be the same as for other attacking characters.

If you choose a classic healer, then you will get an indispensable hero for hunting, raids and PVP due to skills that will massively and selectively heal allies and remove negative effects from them.


This is a hero of a mixed type who can choose two development paths for his music – either strengthening the combat group, healing and replenishing mana, or full-fledged combat damage to targets.

If you choose the role of a classic bard, then your main task will be to strengthen the group before going into PVP, raid, or grind.

You will use music to enhance all attack and defense parameters, as well as help the healer cast healing magic and replenish mana, which is very important for boosting in Tarisland.

If you choose the direction of attack, then you will get a good hero with average damage, who will deal damage in ranged combat due to his music.

It’s not a full-fledged offensive class, nor is it a healer that takes the damage route, but it’s a great option for players who like to balance between the skills of a support and attack hero.


A physical damage hero who imbues his weapon with the power of runes to attack enemies with a variety of magic.

You can choose the direction of lightning and storm in your attacks.

If you choose lightning, you will be able to deal physical damage and activate perks that will transfer magic to neighboring monsters and thus cause massive damage to opponents.

If you choose a storm, then on the contrary you will concentrate more damage on one target, which will have a beneficial effect on raids and solo grinding, as well as PVP, when by directing all your damage to one target you are guaranteed to achieve its destruction.

Each hero in Tarisland has its own pros and cons, but at the same time they are perfectly balanced with each other and there is no hero who would stand out of the overall balance and would not be in demand at all stages of development, and even more so in raids and dungeons of high and initial difficulty levels.

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